SoundBoard price reduced to $9.99

Good news! As of now, the price of SoundBoard has been reduced from USD $15.00 to USD $9.99.

We hope everyone has found SoundBoard useful.



This seems a bit expensive for a piece of technology with a crappy ui that looks like it was made in two days.... I am sorry to be so harsh, but I could program a better application that works for all platforms, has a better ui, and has even more features for free... i understand that you are a sort of monopoly in this field, and I respect your creation of technology, but i suggest you keep in mind other programs and how much they cost:

Blender- amazing 3-d design: Free
Team fortress- a really fun 3-d, multi-player, online game: free
Eclipse- a useful jdk editor- free

these are just three to name a few but there are several awesome programs in the world. I do understand that you lowered your price to 10.00 from 15.00..... i can understand why... $15.00 is how much Minecraft costs!!!.. that's crazy, you cant compare one of the worlds best indie games to a media player with few mediocre features. I also understand that you have a free trial version... OK... but its completely useless without save and load features.... i wish you could at least add these, the necessary components.. and make the full version $5.00, and add lots of cool features to the full version such as: a better ui, pitch controls, pan controls, loop function, and possibly a sound sequence setter. The point of a free trial is not to simply make a user so angry and desperate that they feel they need to spend $10.00, it is rather a way to get the user to enjoy your program so much that they want to upgrade it.. five dollars is plenty... you can make $100.00 off of just 20 people. Please consider my suggestions.

Re: $10.00!?!?


We will take your suggestions under advisement.

Thanks for considering SoundBoard :)