Terms of Service

Xnapid provides its products and services as-is. It is Xnapid's policy to thoroughly test all of its products and services; however, Xnapid offers no guarantees regarding the integrity of your computer's software, operating system, or hardware. Xnapid is not responsible for the content of posts of visitors to its forums or blog posts.

Xnapid reserves the right to refuse service to any customer for any reason. Xnapid services may not be used to host any racist, discriminatory, or pornographic material. Customers who abuse Xnapid services and/or attempt to break, damage or disrupt Xnapid services will be banned from Xnapid's servers. If a banned customer has an active subscription, the cost of the current subscription period will be refunded to the customer. Xnapid will be the sole party involved in determining whether or not any specific activity or material is prohibited. If a non-prohibited material or activity is prohibited after a customer has paid for services, all affected customers will be informed of the change and will be given ten days to remove newly prohibited content and five days to cease newly prohibited activities.

Software and Service Price Policy

Xnapid reserves the right to change the price of its products and services at any time. Xnapid will not raise the price of an existing subscription. That is, if the price of a subscription is raised after a customer subscribes, the customer will retain his or her initial subscription price until the subscription is cancelled. If Xnapid lowers the price of a subscription, existing subscriptions will be charged the new lower price the next time the subscriptions are renewed, unless the price change is part of a change in services. Customers will receive the same services provided by their subscription until the subscription is cancelled, at which point the original services may not be available.

Xnapid will not refund a price difference for a software product if the price is changed after a customer makes a purchase.

Refund and Return Policy

Because free demo, trial, or shareware versions of most Xnapid software products are provided, there will be no refunds for or returns of Xnapid products since customers have ample time and ability to test Xnapid products before purchasing them.

Online services are provided on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. Because most of these services may be tested with a free account before subscribing, there will be no refunds, prorated or otherwise, for Xnapid services, except as outlined above. Subscriptions may be cancelled by the customer at any time, but service will continue until the end of the paid period.


Software products provided by Xnapid will be made available by internet download. Xnapid will not provide copies of its software on physical media. Online services are provided exclusively through the internet since it is not possible to provide them in any other way.

Xnapid will make its software and online services available to paying customers only after appropriate payment has been made. Demo, trial, or shareware versions of most Xnapid products and services are available free of charge.

Questions regarding Xnapid's terms of service may be directed to support@xnapid.com.

Terms of Service updated July 4, 2010.