SoundBoard 2.4 Now Free

SoundBoard 2.4 is now available for free over on the SoundBoard product page.

However note that SoundBoard is no longer supported nor maintained. It is being provided for free for your convenience but we can no longer assist with installation or use of the product.

We are grateful for those who have previously purchased SoundBoard and hope you continue to enjoy it.

SoundBoard price reduced to $9.99

Good news! As of now, the price of SoundBoard has been reduced from USD $15.00 to USD $9.99.

We hope everyone has found SoundBoard useful.

Google Checkout disabled until further notice

Due to technical issues beyond our control we will no longer accept payment via Google Checkout. If and when these issues are resolved, we will re-evaluate Google Checkout as a payment solution.

We will continue to accept payments by Paypal.

Maintenance complete

Our server maintenance has been completed without issues. Carry on :)

Maintenance downtime tonight

Our web server will be down for maintenance beginning at 8:00PM PDT tonight (that's one hour from now). During maintenance you will be unable to access your customer accounts. We expect the downtime to last no more than half an hour.

File downloads fixed

File downloads have not been working for any of you; that issue should be resolved now. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you all.

New site

As you can see, we've once again updated our site. We don't make a habit of frequent user-facing changes, but the last update was in fact a downgrade - our experience with the "Wordpress e-Commerce" plugin was very poor. Some of you were even unable to download SoundBoard after your purchase!

Migration complete

I've migrated all your user accounts and purchases and activated the new system. If you hover your mouse over 'Store' there at the top, you'll see "Your Account" in the dropdown; you'll be able to log in there once you've reset your password.

Unfortunately, you can't reset your password from that page - you have to do that from the Wordpress login page, reachable on the right by clicking "Log in" under "Meta".


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